Home Office Conversions and Garage Utility Rooms in Woking | How to Ensure a High-Quality Conversion

When planning a garage conversion, you might be tempted to go with the garage conversion company offering the lowest quote. However, cheapest isn’t always best. We advise homeowners to be wary of considerably cheap garage or outbuilding conversions because the price is likely to come at the expense of quality. With a cheap conversion, you risk poor workmanship, low-quality materials and non-compliance with regulations. Read our tips below to ensure you receive the best conversion.

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The Risk of Cheap Conversions

If you are quoted well below the average price for a garage conversion, you should question how the company can complete the work so cheaply. This risk is that they are cutting corners, which could leave you with an unsafe conversion you can’t use. In the worst cases, the structure must be torn down or the conversion started again, meaning a lot of wasted time and money.

Key risks of cheap garage and outbuilding conversions include:

  • Cheap materials that don’t meet legal regulations and cause health and safety hazards

  • Poor insulation that doesn’t meet minimum standards, leading to a cold room and high energy bills

  • Lack of adequate ventilation, leading to damp and mould

  • Dangerous electrical work that could cause electric shocks or fires

  • Sloppy construction resulting in an unsafe structure

  • Failure to comply with building regulations, which is illegal and means the conversion isn’t up to safety standards

How to Avoid These Risks

Whether looking into garage utility rooms, garage office conversions or other space creation projects, it’s important to do your research. The best way to ensure you get a high-quality, legal conversion is to choose a reputable garage conversion company, like Croft Garage Conversions Ltd in Woking.

Choosing a Contractor

You should vet multiple companies to find the right fit for your project. The company you choose should:

  • Have experience in garage conversions

  • Be happy to show you examples of their work

  • Provide a written quote, including materials and labour

  • Adhere to building regulations and any other relevant legislation

If you can, ask people you know for recommendations of companies they have used for space creation.

Make Sure Work is Up to Standard

To avoid any legal issues, it’s essential that garage and outbuilding conversions comply with regulations. Your garage conversion company in Woking should make sure work is up to standard and arrange the necessary inspections. However, there are some things you can do:

  • Check each contractor’s certifications to ensure they’re qualified

  • Ask about the materials being used and if they meet regulations

  • Read up on conversion requirements so you know what should be done

  • Don’t just go with the cheapest quote – choose a reputable company

Don’t be afraid to speak up if something doesn’t seem right. Homeowners are entitled to make sure their garage utility rooms, garage office conversions and other spaces are up to expected and required standards.

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