Space Creation in Guildford | The Advantages of Garage and Outbuilding Conversions

High property costs and rising expenses mean many people cannot afford to move. As such, more homeowners are choosing to extend. Converting a garage or outbuilding is a popular way to do this. From garage utility rooms that provide ample storage to garage office conversions that help improve the work-life balance, there are many ways to benefit from a conversion. Below, our garage conversion company in the Guildford area explains some advantages of garage and outbuilding conversions.

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Increased Living Space

An obvious benefit of a conversion is the extra living space you will enjoy. Converting your garage or outbuilding gives your family more usable space, so you won’t feel like you’re always under each other’s feet. You can also design a conversion that will best suit your needs, whether that’s a separate room or an extension of an existing room. With outbuilding conversions, our Guildford customers can even create an independent living space where they can escape the hustle and bustle of the main house.

The following are some rooms our garage conversion company can add to your home:

  • Utility Room

  • Bedroom

  • Family Room

  • Hobby Room

  • Den

  • Office

  • Art Studio

  • Bathroom

  • Cinema Room

  • Games Room

Better Quality of Life

Everything from garage utility rooms to garage office conversions can improve quality of life. This works by giving you and your family the space you need, resulting in a more comfortable and functional living space. For example, if you have kids who constantly fight over a shared bedroom, giving them their own bedrooms can reduce arguments and stress in the house.

Here are some other ways our space creation services can help:

  • Improved organisation

  • Reduced clutter

  • Greater overall comfort

  • More personal space and privacy

  • Better work-life balance with a home office

  • More fun and relaxation with a games room or cinema room

Increased Property Value

A skilled garage conversion company like Croft Garage Conversions Ltd can help increase the value of your Guildford home. A well-designed and well-built conversion can make your property more attractive to potential buyers, helping increase resale value.

If your aim is to add value, it’s important to note that some conversions can add more than others. For example:

  • A new bedroom with en suite will add the most value (around 20%)

  • Garage office conversions and playrooms can add around 10%

However, all garage and outbuilding conversions, including garage utility rooms, are likely to add value if they are done well, with optimal thought put into space creation.

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